Khamis, 24 Januari 2008

Low testosterone in men are 'death risk'

It's realy a shock to read the news as reported by BBC on 5th of June 2007.

The BBC report, said Low levels of testosterone may increase the risk of death in men over the age of 50, US research suggests.

A study of 800 men over 50 found that those with low levels had a 33% increased risk of death over an 18-year period than those with higher levels.

 Professor Richard Sharpe, from the MRC Human Reproductive Sciences Unit in Edinburgh, said testosterone gives you a zing, if you have low testosterone it tends to make you less active".

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Testosterone is men’s ultimate anti-aging hormone. Not only does it prevent aging but also increases lean muscle mass, sharpens the memory and improves energy levels. Unfortunately, its levels decrease steadily with age – dropping 2% every year after age 20.

If you’re looking for more stamina, energy or vitality, enhanced libido increased strength and endurance, look no further than mother nature! The most natural and popular herbs for boosting energy and stamina are Tongkat Ali, Maca, Ginseng and Gingko.

Tongkat Ali
Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia majorly found in rain forest country has become popular for its alleged testosterone-enhancing properties. It has therefore been included in some herbal supplements for bodybuilders. Historically, South East Asia has utilised the herb for its suggested antimalarial, antipyretic, antiulcer, cytotoxic and aphrodisiac properties.

Some scientific studies suggest that it enhances sexual characteristics and performance. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published the results of a scientific study in 2003, which showed that Eurycoma longifolia caused increased muscle strength and size when compared to a placebo.

Maca Root
A natural remedy from Peru that increases stamina, energy and physical endurance, it is also known for its aphrodisiac or libido enhancing ability. Living proof can be found in the Andean village in Junin, Peru, where the villagers, who regularly eat Maca as part of their diet, are found to be more fertile and sexually active than most other men!

Maca works by regulating the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to forestall hormone levels from dropping due to aging. It’s also clinically proven to enhance the production of sperm and increase sexual desire. The effectiveness is so astounding that it is reported to increase sperm production with just one day of usage!

For centuries, Ginseng has been revered in China, Japan, and Korea for its rejuvenating powers that are said to enhance vitality, performance and longevity.

The saponins, especially ginsenosides in Ginseng are potent adaptogens that help relieve stress and alleviate the tiredness that can cause lowered libido. Ginsenosides also dramatically improve stamina, boost energy and endurance to give you longer staying power.

Ginkgo Biloba
Gingko is known for its ability to improve blood circulation. This helps deliver oxygen and various nutrients throughout the body to improve alertness, concentration, energy levels and stamina.

It is also great for men’s sexual performance because a significant amount of blood is continuously delivered to the male sexual organ, which helps to provide a stronger erection.

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If you suffering some or all of these symptoms, you may suffer from Low Testosterone levels:

  • Constant and continuous tiredness – especially after dinner

  • Loss of strength or muscle mass

  • Increased body fat and expanding waistline

  • Easily irritated and suffer from mood swings

  • Loss or no desire for intimate pleasure

  • Difficulty getting and maintaining a strong erection

It's better for you to try then sorry!

Don't worry! Tongkat Ali Maca Plus mostly helpfull to you. When used regularly will naturally increase the body’s testosterone level. In some instances, the levels are raised fourfold! This “Asian Viagra” also helps to improve men’s libido, performance and helps with erectile dysfunction.

Do not mistake Tongkat Ali Maca Plus for a “Viagra” or “Sexual” products!

Unlike “Viagra” or other Erectile Dysfunction drugs, Oriyen Tongkat Ali Maca Plus is more than a sexual product. Consistent usage will not only help with erectile dysfunction problems, it will also improve general health by increasing stamina, energy, libido and performance. It also builds lean muscle mass, helping to reduce body fat and delay the aging process. Best of all, it’s totally natural, without any side effects!

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